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Fast Fashion: Rent Designer Outfits | Swishlist

Stylish By Nature  |  17 May, 2015

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Hi Everyone, 
Wearing the crown of being ‘best-dressed’ is everyone's dream !!
Our Mantra being - "Never be caught in the same dress twice!" 
The devil that bursts this bubble is - BUDGET 
For all the 'Stylish By Nature' gals, who wear NEW and TRENDY clothes for every occasion, one begins to wonder:  
Why buy?
This is where comes in! is India’s first door-to-door rental service for high fashion, delivering authentic Indian & Western designer clothing across multiple cities (Delhi, Mumbai, Pune & Bangalore).
It’s exactly what you need to ensure you never repeat a look, and that every look on your days and nights out makes a statement.
We think that’s actually kind of awesome!
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