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Tea Length Convertible DressDesigner: Two Birds

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Tea Length Convertible Dress

Designer: Two Birds

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This versatile dress had us at HELLO! It can be worn in over 15 ways, and the tea length skirt (not too long, not too short) means no matter what you wear it for, this outfit will be just right. A mix of 85% Nylon and 15% Spandex, the fabric is stretchy, slinky and falls beautifully. The Petunia Pink brings a beautiful rosy hue, and the long straps allow you to play with multiple looks. If you're thinking loose drapey sleeves, or a simple halter, it's all possible with this dress. Throw on your favourite strappy heels, and you're set to be a stunner!

(For the slinkier styles keep your strapless bras or silicone cups handy!)

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